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China Agri-Industries Holdings Ltd

Company Background

China Agri-Industries Holdings Limited (“China Agri”), a member of the COFCO Group, was registered in Hong Kong in November 2006.
China Agri has established leading production capacity in China to process and sell oilseeds, rice, wheat and brewing materials. Our diversified products, including vegetable oils, oilseeds meals, rice, flour, noodles, bread and malts, are sold through an extensive domestic sales network, providing our customers with high quality, safe, nutritious, and healthy products for their everyday lives. To capture future growth opportunities in the industry, the Company is actively engaging in the expansion of downstream B2C branded business, and established the well-known brands such as 「Fortune」(“福临门”) and 「Xiangxue」(“香雪”) . The Company is the second largest supplier of branded consumer-pack edible oil with an extensive sales network across China and also established a leading position in packaged rice and flour business after years of development.

Business Activities

Agricultural product processing

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