Statement by The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce

For Immediate Release

The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (HKGCC) calls for a truce and the suspension of protests in order to allow both sides to engage in dialogue to find solutions to current issues in a peaceful manner and to begin to repair the rifts in society. We believe that it is difficult to envisage such meaningful dialogue taking place while protests continue. It is clear that the protests are causing great harm to Hong Kong’s economy and to the livelihood of Hong Kong people. While the protests continue, Hong Kong’s reputation as an international business centre will continue to be damaged.

We specifically condemn efforts by protesters to prevent travellers from both Hong Kong and overseas being able to fly into and out of the Hong Kong International Airport.

We support the HKSAR Government in governing according to the law, and the Police in enforcing the law to restore social order and to safeguard public safety.




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