CEO Comments
Serving Our Members Better

Being the “voice of business” in Hong Kong is a privilege and a responsibility. As part of this remit, we reflect members’ views to the Hong Kong Government on a wide range of topics. 

For example, we have successfully lobbied on your behalf for all kinds of relief measures recently launched by the Government – including $167 billion in additional funding, the Employment Support Scheme, and the 100% loan guarantee scheme – to help businesses through the current exceptional conditions. Besides Covid-19 issues, we have also made submissions recently reflecting your views on proposed changes to the minimum wage and listing rules. 

For our policy work to hit the right notes, we depend on the input and expertise of members of our special purpose committees, whose views, ideas or concerns ensure that we can accurately reflect the views of the Hong Kong business community. We have 24 committees and special interest groups organized across industries and geographic areas, which ensures that we speak with authority on a wide range of policies and sector-specific topics. 

We encourage you all to play an active role in the Chamber – whether by responding to our surveys or participating in our industry committees – so we can truly represent the whole business community.

We also want to hear from members about how the Chamber can serve you better. We would like to know from you more about what you like, dislike or want more of from the Chamber, and we also welcome any fresh ideas that you might have.

Due to the coronavirus restrictions, we have not been able to offer our complete range of activities and services over the past few months. With the health threat in Hong Kong thankfully easing, we have started to organize some physical events, mostly smaller meetings, training programmes and meetings with incoming visitors. We hope to gradually get back to normal in the second half of the year. 

To hear your thoughts about our services, we plan to send out a survey in the near future.

Your response to the survey will be extremely useful, and will help shape the future direction of your Chamber to serve you better as we move towards a new normality for the business world.

George Leung