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Dishes Made to Share
Dishes Made to Share, Kinship<br/>同享滋味

Pastrami Beef Tataki
Grare and Rhodes found their beef clod supplier after visiting the farm in Australia. The beef is seared, smoked and sliced, and served with a mash of sweet Kabocha squash. Crunchy deep-fried Chinese noodles, chili yuzu sauce and citrus depressa (a small fruit) are served alongside to enrich the flavours and texture.

Dishes Made to Share, Kinship<br/>同享滋味

Steamed Grouper
A generous piece of local grouper is lightly marinated with herbs, steamed perfectly to maintain its juiciness and placed on a bed of soft boiled leeks and potatoes. It is served with a creamy sauce made of fish stock and Chinese XO sauce to highlight the freshness of the fish. A topping of crisp matchstick potatoes provides a contrasting texture.

Dishes Made to Share, Kinship<br/>同享滋味

Burnt Onion Risotto
This risotto is classic comfort food infused with the rich taste of carmelized onions. Citric sauce balances the creamy cheese and sweet onion flavours, while a soft egg-yolk beignet centrepiece is surrounded by a topping of crispy shallots and chives. Diners are recommended to cut through the egg to release the bright yellow yolk and mix well with the risotto to best enjoy this rich mix of flavours.

Dishes Made to Share, Kinship<br/>同享滋味

Mr Whippy Ice-cream
Paying homage to nostalgic memories, this childhood favourite includes a mound of homemade soft-serve ice-cream. This light and festive dessert is served with seasonal toppings - for winter this year the toppings feature honey-roasted pumpkin dice, caramelized pecan nuts, butterscotch sauce and cinnamon powder.

Dishes Made to Share, Kinship<br/>同享滋味

Executive Chef Chris Grare and Front of House Manager Arron Rhodes

As its name suggests, Kinship offers a comfortable space and hearty flavours to enjoy with family and friends.

Located on a corner of Shelly Street in Soho, the rustic industrial interior creates a cozy dining atmosphere for a fun and relaxing gathering. Helpful staff in casual T-shirts provide friendly service and enjoy chatting with diners.

American Executive Chef Chris Grare and the British Front of House Manager Arron Rhodes met each other at the gym in Hong Kong seven years ago, and became good friends. Previously, Grare worked at a number of well-known restaurants in Hong Kong, making a name for himself at the New York-style brasserie Lily & Bloom. 

Rhodes has worked around the world as a chef, including in Europe, Asia and South America. In Hong Kong, he led the successful opening of Gough’s On Gough as the Executive Chef. While Grare and Rhodes both have a background in fine dining, they were interested in creating a restaurant with a more intimate and casual dining style. So they joined forces to open Kinship earlier this year.

In Kinship, food is served sharing-style in generous portions. Items on the menu are thoughtfully created, based on traditional European cooking techniques combined with global food knowledge acquired during the chefs’ world travels. These recipes with a twist aim to recall diners’ own happy travelling memories.

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