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The Artful Twist
The Chinese Library Chef Junno Li Zhen

Executive Chef Junno Li Zhen Long has been developing his interest and passion in perfecting the familiar yet mysterious Chinese cooking culture since he was a boy. Fascinated by some of the knife skills of the modern “Eight Cuisines” of China, he trained for years to perfect his own skills.
He believes a good chef must not only know how to cook well, but must also understand ingredients and be sensitive to flavours. “Cooking is an art,” he explained. “The combination of colours, flavours and the art of plating are essential in modern food culture.” He also stressed that chefs should adapt to the ever-changing food culture and always try to stretch their creativity.

The Chinese Library

Laksa Xiao Long Bao
The beloved Shanghai steamed dumpling receives a unique Singaporean twist, thanks to the restaurant group’s founder being from the Lion City. The delicately pleated dough wrapper envelopes juicy pork and the iconic laksa soup of Malaysia. The dough is made with grated ginger, which provides an additional surprise for diners’ taste buds.

The Chinese Library

Chilled ‘Jade Flower’ in Green Sichuan Pepper Essence
The culinary team show off their amazing knife skills in this simple yet extraordinary cold dish. Chilled fresh celtuce is intricately carved into a “jade chain.” The dish is further elevated with fresh green Sichuan pepper oil to give a mild “ma” (numbness) to your palate.

The Chinese Library

Chrysanthemum ‘Thousand Cut’ Tofu in Chicken Broth
This block of silken tofu is skilfully cut in to a thousand strands to make it blossom into a white chrysanthemum in a light, but tasty chicken broth. Fresh crab tomalley provides a hint of rich sweetness. This elegant and artistic take on a humble piece of tofu is another signature dish that showcases the culinary team's fine knife cutting skills.

The Chinese Library

Dragon Well Tea-Smoked Crystal River Shrimp
Following the classic recipe, crystal river shrimps are stir-fried with dragon well tea leaves, and smoked with tea leaves to enhance the aroma. Green peas are added for extra sweetness and colour.

Located in the atmospheric colonial Central Police Headquarters building in the recently developed cultural and shopping destination called Tai Kwun, The Chinese Library serves some of the best-loved Chinese dishes drawn from key cuisines of China.

The restaurant’s menu pays tribute to popular Chinese dishes brought to the city by waves of migrants who contributed to Hong Kong’s vibrancy and success. The dishes range from Cantonese to Chiu Chow and Sichuan to Shanghainese, following traditional techniques and enhanced with an inventive contemporary twist.

The restaurant’s interior plays with a combination of colonial and Oriental decor. Jade coloured walls, ornate gold mirrors, backlit onyx screens and antique Chinese marble tables give diners a feel of luxury from a bygone era.


The Chinese Library

Block 01, Tai Kwun, Police Headquarters, 10 Hollywood Road, Central

2848 3088