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A Hint of Spice
Braised Winter Melon, Conpoy, Double Boiled Chicken Stock <br/>金絲和田玉

Braised Winter Melon, Conpoy, Double Boiled Chicken Stock
Beautifully presented, this dish is more an art piece than an appetizer. Braised in flavourful chicken stock, scoops of winter melon fully absorb the essence of the soup. Topped with conpoy sauce, the glazed winter melon shines like crystal on the plate.

Crispy Okra, Mountain Yam, Salted Egg Yolk Sauce<br/>黃金淮山葵

Crispy Okra, Mountain Yam, Salted Egg Yolk Sauce
Deep frying in a thin crust gives the okra a less sticky texture, while the mountain yam becomes crunchier. A generous amount of crushed salted egg yolk adds a rich flavour and aroma to the crispy veg in this popular appetizer.

Fried Crispy Soft-shell Crab, Sichuan Dried Chili<br/>川椒香辣軟殼蟹<br/>

Fried Crispy Soft-shell Crab, Sichuan Dried Chili
With its soft texture, soft-shell crab is never a good candidate for stir-frying, but it is among the best choices for deep-frying! Perfectly seasoned and deep fried in very hot oil, the crab is then mixed with various Sichuan chilies, spices and chili oil in this meaty, spicy and eye-catching signature dish.

“Kung Po” Chili King Prawns<br/>宮保蝦球

“Kung Po” Chili King Prawns
This sweet-and-sour “Kung Po” chili king prawns is one of the most popular and traditional dishes in the menu. The key to ensuring that it stands out is the texture of the prawns. These firm yet springy fresh king prawns are coated in a thin layer of flour and fried on full heat.

Poached Giant Garoupa Fillet, Sichuan Chili Fish Broth<br/>「川粵」龍躉

Poached Giant Garoupa Fillet, Sichuan Chili Fish Broth
Unlike the traditional method that uses mandarin fish, 1935 have selected garoupa for this premium soup for its meaty yet tender texture. Seasoned with egg white to preserve its softness, slices of garoupa are soaked in hot fish soup. Thanks to the Sichuan chili, this is the choice for fans of spice!

Sichuan Ice Jelly, Fresh Fruit<br/>鮮果四川冰粉

Sichuan Ice Jelly, Fresh Fruit
Pieces of fruit are cut into floral shapes and suspended in this clear jelly, which imitates a crystal ball. Decorated with raisins, crushed hawthorn cake and mixed with home-made syrup, this colourful and fancy dessert is a delightful way to finish the meal.

Executive Chef Wah<br/>行政主廚華哥

The infinite variety of food is what has sustained Executive Chef Wah's passion for cooking throughout his 35 years in the kitchen.
Born in the Sichuan city of Luzhou, he started by cooking for his family. He then grew his experience by practicing alongside senior chefs while at work. After he had acquired the cooking skills of various regions in China, Chef Wah decided to focus on Shanghai and Sichuan food to master these techniques.
“A chef should be hard-working and should persevere,” he said. “There is no graduation in the food industry. It is a continuous journey to practise your skills, elevate your techniques and explore new things.”

1935 <br/>19/F, M88 Wellington Place,<br/>2-8 Wellington Street, Central<br/>2156 1935

19/F, M88 Wellington Place,
2-8 Wellington Street, Central
2156 1935

People usually associate Sichuan cuisine with chili, so those with an aversion to spice will generally shake their heads at the prospect. But what if our familiar Guangdong flavours were added to the mix? This fusion is what characterises the menu at 1935, presenting options for diners seeking a little less heat, as well as classic mouth-numbing fare.

Located 19 floors above bustling Wellington Street, 1935 enjoys stunning mountain views of Mid-levels. Its interior, with wooden tables, golden decor, blue velvet sofas and contemporary paintings, mixes classic elegance and modern luxury. 

The restaurant’s name honours the founder’s grandmother, as it is her year of birth. She originally came from Sichuan Province and, on moving south, was inspired by Guangdong gourmets to create dishes combining elements of Sichuan and Guangdong cooking. Continuing that tradition, 1935 presents a new take on Grandma’s secret recipes.


19/F, M88 Wellington Place,
2-8 Wellington Street, Central
2156 1935