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Seafood Plays the Star Role

Chef's Profile
Nicolas Ardu (right, with brother Cristian) is the third son of Giulano Ardu and his wife Agnese Atzeni, the founders of Trattoria del Pescatore, so he grew up immersed in a top-class culinary environment. Under the guidance of his mother and her team in the kitchen, Nicholas not only built himself a firm foundation in Italian culinary skills, but also absorbed the family passion for cooking.
After graduating from university, he embarked on a global pilgrimage to further enhance his cooking skills. He worked in a number of renowned kitchens such as the Four Seasons in Milan under Chef Sergio Mei, Harry’s Bar in Beirut in Lebanon, and the 3-Michelin-starred Arzak in San Sebastian, Spain, before returning to the family restaurant in Milan.
The family’s culinary ethos, which Nicolas described as, “just buy the best ingredients and don't touch them too much,” is not just upheld in Milan, but in Hong Kong as well. For example, he insists on using the same olive oil and balsamic vinegar that are used in the Milan restaurant.

Grilled Sea Bass <br/>香烤鱸魚

Grilled Sea Bass
Like many of the restaurant’s ingredients, the sea bass comes from Italy. The salt-and-pepper seasoned sea bass is grilled for a time and then finished in the oven, a process which avoids the bitterness that can be caused by over-grilling and produces an exceptionally crispy and fresh-tasting dish.

Sicilian Raw Scampi  <br/>西西里生小龍蝦

Sicilian Raw Scampi
This dish is created from 100% authentic Italian ingredients, with scampi and lemons from Sicily, and Olearia Losito Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Central Italy. The delicate flavor and low acidity of this particular oil ensures that the taste and freshness of the scampi are completely retained.

Paccheri del Pescatore  <br/>烏魚子寬通粉

Paccheri del Pescatore
Paccheri del Pescatore is another signature dish of the restaurant. It consists of grated bottarga – salted and cured fish roe – sprinkled on top of cooked paccheri, a large, tube-shaped pasta, and mixed with bell peppers, swordfish, squid and a generous portion of the finest extra virgin olive oil.

Pistachio-gratin Scallop<br/>開心果雜果仁焗帶子

Pistachio-gratin Scallop
Replacing the usual breadcrumbs with a mix of pistachios and other nuts, the Pistachio-gratin Scallop is an ingenious twist to the traditional version and has the benefit of being gluten-free. After a carefully calculated short span of time in an oven, the Hokkaido scallop is served just hot enough but still raw inside. This dish has become one of the most popular items on the menu at Trattoria del Pescatore.

Lobster Catalana

Lobster Catalana
Despite its Spanish-sounding name, Lobster Catalana is believed to have originated in Alghero, a Sardinian coastal town, and has become the signature dish of Trattoria del Pescatore. The original Sardinian dish featured a simple blend of extra virgin olive oil, lemon and de-shelled boiled lobster. Giuliano Ardu tweaked the recipe with the addition of sliced red onions and Sardinian tomatoes. His version proved so successful that nowadays even many restaurants in Alghero have adopted the newer recipe.

Panna Cotta<br/>意式奶凍

Panna Cotta
Panna Cotta consists of a lightly sweetened cream mixture that is set with a small amount of gelatine, which gives an exceptionally light and silky mouthfeel. It is flavoured with vanilla and topped with a strawberry coulis and a layer of delicious chocolate crumble.

Trattoria del Pescatore is a Milan institution that has been serving seafood and other Italian delicacies for more than 40 years. The restaurant has now made its maiden voyage overseas and landed in Hong Kong in May this year. 

Founded by the Ardu family in 1976, Trattoria del Pescatore in Milan is famous for both its traditional Sardinian recipes as well as its fresh crusty loaves of bread.

Christopher Liu, owner and operator of Trattoria del Pescatore Hong Kong, is a good friend of the Ardu family. He decided to bring the restaurant to Hong Kong, not just due to the quality of the food and freshness of ingredients, but also because of the trattoria dining culture. Liu felt that the relaxed atmosphere and homely environment that is characteristic of trattorias across Italy would be very welcome in Hong Kong’s restaurant scene.

Two Ardu family members are also on hand in the Hong Kong restaurant to ensure that family’s traditions and high standards are continued. Brothers Cristian and Nicholas are General Manager and Chef, respectively. Their passion for the food and culture of Italy has helped to successfully transplant the trattoria dining culture to Sheung Wan. 

Trattoria del Pescatore
11, Po Yan Street, Sheung Wan, Hong Kong
(842) 2559 3339