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HKGCC Business Case Competition 2022
HKGCC Business Case Competition 2022 <br/>總商會商業案例競賽2022

HKGCC Business Case Competition 2022 <br/>總商會商業案例競賽2022

HKGCC Business Case Competition 2022 <br/>總商會商業案例競賽2022

HKGCC Business Case Competition 2022 <br/>總商會商業案例競賽2022

HKGCC Business Case Competition 2022 <br/>總商會商業案例競賽2022

HKGCC Business Case Competition 2022 <br/>總商會商業案例競賽2022

HKGCC Business Case Competition 2022 <br/>總商會商業案例競賽2022

HKGCC Business Case Competition 2022 <br/>總商會商業案例競賽2022

HKGCC's fourth Business Case Competition final on 13 January highlighted the quality of Hong Kong's students and their creativity in developing possible solutions to address challenges that Hong Kong businesses face. 

The fourth round, launched in September 2022, provided a platform for tertiary students and fresh graduates to collaborate with companies to tackle real-life business issues. Five sponsors – Chinachem Group, Jardine Matheson, NWS Holdings Ltd, Sino Group and Swire Group – each set a business case to push the boundaries of students' creativity and innovation under the theme of "Evolving Business in a Changing World."

Five teams took the Champion title to win internship opportunities, HKGCC Student Membership, as well as HK$30,000 cash. Following is a wrap-up of what the teams did to convince the judges they were the worthy winners.  


What the judges said

Chinachem Group: Embrace Cutting-Edge Technologies to Create Places with Heart, Integrate Virtual and Physical Worlds to Foster a Community Connecting Like-minded People

The winning team, Work for Hot Pot, took Nina Park as a case study. They suggested that Chinachem should create a mobile app containing a digital map for users to easily explore the park and facilities. The app also allows users to enroll in various kinds of green activities and games offered in the park.

"It was rewarding for us to collaborate with some of our young talent in this project and learn their innovative and edu-taining ideas to help Nina Park engage with the community, making the park another 'Playground for All,'" said Donald Choi, CEO and Executive Director of Chinachem Group.

Jardine Matheson: Identify New Aftersales Services or Products for Mercedes-Benz EQ Customer in Hong Kong

The electric vehicle (EV) industry is very competitive. Students from Team M2 impressed the judges with their "three-fold strategy," comprising EV charging services, predictive maintenance and battery reusing and recycling. To pick the best ideas, the team analyzed the feasibility of their solutions,  as well as how they could be applied in Hong Kong given its location considerations.

Simon Arnold, Managing Director of Zung Fu Company Limited (Hong Kong & Macau), said that the winning team had a good understanding of Zung Fu's business proposition. This made their proposal and ideas highly relevant to the company's current operations and environment. "They helped us to think differently about how we can achieve our vision in growing our leadership in the new energy vehicle world."

NWS: Embrace Innovation and New Technologies to Achieve Sustainable Long-term Growth

Team GENERATOR came up with a few construction industry solutions involving robotics, next generation monitoring systems, VR and IoT-based environmental monitoring to improve efficiency. They also highlighted the importance of new technologies to improve safety in the workplace.

Gilbert Ho, Executive Director and Chief Operating Officer of NWS Holdings Limited, said the team was able to identify real-life challenges facing the industry and developed some good ideas by applying technologies to help increase workplace safety and to minimize construction site risks. "It was great to see the next generation of business leaders applying fresh thinking about innovative technologies to our businesses. We were impressed by the creativity of these students and how they collaborated to work out solutions."

Sino Group: Wellness Living – Achieving a Wellness Environment Where We Live, Work and Play

Team Forest Y2K's winning idea was to connect daily life activities and create healthy habits that could be tracked through an app. It also provided wellness tasks for users, instant access to a wellness social circle, as well as shopping and wellness rewards. 

Andrew Young, Associate Director (Innovation) of Sino Group, said that the winning team demonstrated a good understanding of real-life business scenarios and a strong capacity to turn their knowledge into practical, unique and detailed solutions backed by all-rounded analyses. The judges said they were impressed with their proposal and look forward to putting their solution into operation.

Swire: Way forward for Swire Trust's Philanthropic Effort

Swire Trust’s aim is to effect positive change in the areas of Education, Marine Conservation and the Arts, primarily by supporting registered non-profit organizations in Hong Kong. To ideate the way forward in its philanthropic efforts, the business case consists of two elements: firstly, to celebrate the success of Swire Trust’s three-year TrustTomorrow initiative by the end of 2023; and secondly, to raise public awareness about Marine Conservation in the long term. The winning team, FFCV, came up with a two-part proposal: On TrustTomorrow, they recommended a creative carnival with activities relevant to the Trust’s three main pillars. On Marine Conservation, they proposed a secondary school student ambassador programme that integrates experiential learning and social services, hence engaging and sowing the seed among the young generation and developing future leaders.

Ivan Chan, Swire’s General Manager Group Public Affairs, said the winning team demonstrated their thorough understanding of the business issue as well as their creativity and innovation, with technology incorporated into their proposals. “I understand some of them are actually Year 1 students, and yet they are already so proactive and business-savvy! I am sure they will emerge as outstanding young talents by the time they graduate.”


What the students said

All five winning teams said they enjoyed every stage of the competition, and that they appreciated the opportunity to meet senior professionals from the sponsoring companies, as well as learn from other teams.


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