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New Beginnings

2023 has got off to a fantastic start with Covid-19 measures scrapped and the borders reopened. I believe we need to seize this rare window of opportunity to rebound by re-engaging with businesses around the world. By the time you read this issue of The Bulletin, I will most likely have just returned from a Hong Kong business mission led by the Chief Executive to Saudi Arabia and the UAE to reiterate the message that Hong Kong is back to business as usual. 

Later this month, the Financial Secretary will deliver his Budget address, and we hope the good news will continue with initiatives to support businesses in this very challenging business environment. The Chamber will host the Joint Business Community Luncheon with the Financial Secretary on 16 March to explain his rationale behind his budget. It is also another positive step that Hong Kong is back to normal. We will be planning to roll out our signature events again this year, and I look forward to seeing you at some of them.

Although we have had a lot of good news so far, one announcement that we didn’t want to hear was that the Chamber’s CEO George Leung formally informed the General Committee that he will not be renewing his contract for a second term, once his current contract expires at the end of April this year. Despite our best efforts to persuade him to continue to serve the Chamber for another term, we reluctantly have to respect his decision. 

I am sure you will join me in agreeing that George has done a fantastic job in navigating the Chamber and business community through one of the most challenging times in Hong Kong’s history. Without his informed, careful and steady hand steering the Chamber’s advocacy work, services and events, as well as being our voice in the media, we could not have accomplished so much. 

It will be hard to find someone of his calibre to take up the role. But rest assured, there will be no interruption to the work, services and role of the Chamber in the interim, and once the new CEO is onboard, I hope you will show him or her the same generous support that you have shown George.


Betty Yuen


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