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Global Action Against Climate Change Beyond COP 24

Global Action Against Climate Change Beyond COP 24

Concerted action to reduce carbon emissions needs to happen now if the world is to avoid the catastrophic effects of a warming planet with the next few decades. Reporting back from the COP 24 global conference, Robert Gibson from the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and John Sayer from CarbonCare Innolab discussed some of the key takeaways including the good progress being made on the Paris Agreement rulebook and increased transparency and accountability. But reaching carbon neutrality by 2050 will be difficult to achieve, particularly as coal-fired power stations continue to be built around the world, and it is up to wealthy cities like Hong Kong to lead the way. Davie Kan from the Environmental Protection Department, who also attended COP 24, shared the Governments plans to reduce emissions. These include a significant reduction in the use of coal in the energy mix this year and the introduction of a carbon calculator which has been successful in helping schools and students understand the issue.

Davie KanJohn SayerRobert Gibson
Hong Kong University of Science & Technology
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