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Mapping Out a Modernised Risk Management Strategy for the Future

In 2018, Dun & Bradstreet released a study entitled “The (R)Evolution of Risk Management” which revealed that many financial leaders around the world believed that it is particular challenging when being tasked with data and risk management. Given the rapid pace of change in the modern business world, there is a strong need for an optimisation of risk management strategies. Business that wish to maintain an edge over their competitors must act quick to bring in a modernised and streamedlined approach that harnesses the power of data and technology. At a lunchtime seminar on May 16, Michael Siu, Senior Solutions Architect and Michelle Tam, Product Director from Dun & Bradstreet spoke on how predictive/performance-based insights, and emerging technologies such as AI can enhance risk management. They also touched upon their recommendations to simplify the finance transition to modern risk management.

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