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Mexico as a key nearshoring destination

It was a pleasure to welcome Mariana Campero Senior VP International for De la Calle, Madrazo, Mancera (CMM), a Mexican consultancy firm that helps companies do business and invest in the country. The Chamber’s Americas Committee Chairman Evaristo Trevino Berlanga, Vice Chairman Mark Michelson, and Bradley Harker Senior Commercial Officer at the U.S. Consulate General, welcomed Mariana and discussed Mexico’s growing importance as a key nearshoring destination.

She said Mexico has a lot of added value to offer in terms of competitiveness, strategic advantages and incentives. Since Mexico started promoting special economic zones five to six years ago, around 50% of the companies operating in the zones are now Chinese investors. Nearshoring has become a growing trend as Chinese and international companies move production closer to customers to limit their vulnerability to shipping problems and geopolitical tensions, and also sidestep U.S. tariffs. 

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