Investment Committee

Terms of Reference

Functions and Objectives
The Investment Committee (the “Committee”) is appointed by the General Committee (GC) of the Chamber with a view to assist GC in overseeing and advising:
- the acquisition and disposal of Chamber’s financial assets; and
- investment matters in relation to Chamber’s funds

1. The Committee must comprise at least three GC members.
2. The Chairman and members of the Committee shall be appointed by the Chairman’s Committee.
3. The term of appointment for each member shall be two years.
4. The Chamber CEO and the Director overseeing financial accounts shall normally attend meetings.

Proceedings and Records of Meetings
1. Two members shall form a quorum for a meeting.
2. The Committee may invite such other persons to its meetings as it deems
3. Meetings shall be held not less than once a year. Special meetings may be
convened as required.
4. The Secretary of the Committee shall circulate the meeting agenda and
supporting documentation to the Committee members seven days in
advance of each meeting.
5. Full minutes of the Committee should be kept by the Secretary of the
6. The Chairman of the Committee or another member of the Committee shall
attend the GC meeting at which the Chamber’s financial assets is an agenda item.

1. To receive progress report by Investment Managers
2. To review the investment portfolio of the General Fund
3. To give purpose and direction on Chamber investment
4. To report and recommend to GC on matters that may significantly impact on Chamber’s financial assets


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