Shipping & Transport Committee

Terms of Reference

1) Mission

  • Advise the General Committee and Chamber Directorate on all matters concerning the shipping trade, and transport and logistics industries in the Hong Kong SAR.

2) Membership

  • The Committee is open to Full Members of the Chamber in the shipping, transport and logistics sectors as well as other industries related to the foregoing sectors.
  • Chamber individual associate members who wish to apply as observers to the Committee should possess similar qualifications.
  • The Committee shall hold at least one meeting every six months.
  • Committee membership is subject to agreement by the committee chairman and the Chamber CEO.
  • Members should observe the "Guidelines for HKGCC Committees".

3) Objectives

  • Assess and make recommendations on the future of the shipping, transport and logistics industries consistent with the advancement of the SAR as a global and regional hub for sea, land and air transport and the development of its domestic transport services.
  • Monitor and advise on developments in all aspects of these industries in the Hong Kong SAR, including the efficient operation of the Port, Airport and land transport modes and the development of cross-border links with the Mainland of China.
  • Establish permanent or temporary sub-committees, working groups, or similar bodies specializing in different sectors of the shipping, transport and logistics industries, their international and domestic aspects, and infrastructure and related matters.
  • Liaise with relevant Government Departments and Bureaux and other organizations in the SAR and elsewhere concerned with shipping, transport and logistics issues and offer advice on any matters submitted by them to the Chamber for comment.
  • Recommend appropriate nominees for appointment to Hong Kong SAR Government committees and any other bodies concerned with the operations and advancement of the shipping and logistics trades and the broader transport sector.
  • Negotiate through the Port Affairs Working Group (formerly the Tariff Standing Sub-Committee) upon request and on behalf of the full Shipping and Transport Committee, tariff increases in mooring/unmooring charges, pilotage charges and tramp agency fees.
  • Undertake research, prepare papers and make such submissions as may be required to support the further development of the shipping, transport and logistics industries in the Hong Kong SAR and advance its role as a regional transport and logistics hub.
  • Consider and advise on any other matters related to and shipping trade, and the logistics and transport industries in the Hong Kong SAR, that may be referred to the committee by the Chamber Directorate or General Committee.
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