Membership Committee

Terms of Reference

1) Mission

To study and advise the General Committee and Directorate on issues having a bearing on membership including:

  • Recruitment
  • Retention
  • Opinion Survey
  • Chamber Services

2) Membership

  • The Chamber Deputy Chairman shall be the Chairman of the Membership Committee.
  • The Membership Committee shall consist of no more than 10 committee members, including the Chairman and ex-officio members, of which at least 2 of them should be General Committee members.
  • Membership is by invitation only, subject to agreement by the Committee Chairman and the Chamber CEO.
  • The term of appointment for each member shall be two years with the option for re-appointment.
  • Members should also be obliged to maintain confidentiality of information discussed at committee meetings.
  • Members should observe the “Guidelines for HKGCC Committees” (details here). (With reference to the Guidelines, committee members have a duty to attend committee meetings and to participate in activities initiated or endorsed by the committees. Members who fail to attend three consecutive committee meetings may be invited to resign, subject to the Committee Chairman’s concurrence. Members who fail to attend six consecutive committee meetings shall be deemed to have resigned, subject to the discretion of the Chamber CEO.)

3) Objectives

  • To monitor and advise on membership recruitment and retention policies.
  • To encourage members’ active participation in Chamber activities.
  • To coordinate and reflect membership opinion to the Chamber ensuring that the Chamber meets members'' needs.
  • To carry out any other related work at the request of the General Committee or Directorate.
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