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Decarbonising Hong Kong 2050: How to Bridge ESG Gaps in Hong Kong's Real Estate Sector?

Although there is growing acceptance in the property sector on the importance of a ESG strategy in achieving sustainability, a major gap still exists between ESG goals and their implementation. At a seminar on 21 November, Colliers’ Hannah Jeong shared advice on reconciling such differences through such means as creating a set of ESG values. She was then joined by her colleague Andrew Lau, as well as Alex Bent from Undivided Ventures and Ellie Tang from Fidelity International, in a panel discussion on ways for landlords and tenants to work together in achieving carbon neutrality by enhancing building energy efficiency, purchasing carbon offsets, promoting the use of green leases, and building effective corporate governance to meet climate resilience objectives.

The seminar was presided over by Prof. Eric Ma, Chairman of the Chamber’s Real Estate and Infrastructure Committee.

This is the fifth in a series of seminars on ‘Decarbonising Hong Kong 2050’, which focuses on how the government, businesses and communities are working towards Hong Kong's goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050.


OECD GloBE Rules: What Should Hong Kong’s Real Estate Industry Expect From the New Global Minimum Tax Regime?

A seminar was organised on 11 August on the likely impact the implementation of GloBE rules would have on Hong Kong-based property companies. Deloitte China's Vice Chair Patrick Yip and Tax Partner Doris Chik were on hand to explain the tax implications of the GloBE rules on Hong Kong's real estate sector and offered their views on measures to manage associated tax risks.


Hong Kong’s Connected Future Series: PropTech and Urban Regeneration

The application of proptech in urban regeneration is gaining momentum as the property industry relies increasingly on technology to complete projects in a safe, eco-friendly and efficient manner.

At a webinar on 14 April, Alan Yau, Head of Real Estate at KPMG; Andrew Young, Associate Director (Innovation) at Sino Group; Tiffany Lau, Head of Urban Ecosystems at JLL; Elizabeth Ball, SVP North Asia at Essensys; and Bowie Ma, Director of Innovation and New Products at theDesk, spoke on the popularisation of proptech in urban regeneration and community building projects, as well as associated business opportunities.

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