Submissions and Reports

2016/12/29Proposals to Enhance the Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme
The Chamber generally supports the FDRC’s proposals to enhance the service features of the current Financial Dispute Resolution Scheme. The Chamber has also flagged a number of issues that the FDCR should pay attention to if and when its proposals are implemented.
2016/10/25Joint Consultation Paper on Proposed Enhancements to The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited's Decision-Making and Governance Structure for Listing Regulation
The Chamber does not support the proposals as set out in the consultation paper mainly because there is insufficient evidence to show that there will be net gains from doing so.
2016/08/19HKGCC proposals on Belt-and-Road Opportunities for Hong Kong’s Financial Services Sector
The Chamber’s proposals for Hong Kong to capitalise on the national initiative of Belt and Road by leveraging on its competencies in the field of financial services are set out in the attached.
2015/06/02Consultation Paper on the "Principles of Responsible Ownership" ("the CP")
2014/06/17Consultation on Open-Ended Fund Companies
2014/03/05Consultation on Amendments to the Code on Real Estate Investment Trusts
2013/07/15Legislative Proposals on Improvement of Corporate Insolvency Law
2013/03/28Trust Law (Amendment) Bill 2013
2012/06/28Submission on Consultation Paper on Provision of a Legal Framework for Entering into Tax Information Exchange Agreement
2011/02/11Mortage Data Sharing for Credit Assessment
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