Recommendations on Preventing Spreading the Coronavirus 

As a precaution to minimize the risk of spreading the coronavirus, we hope members and all employers can be understanding and provide their staff with flexible working arrangements where possible, such as home-office arrangements. If they must go into work, then everyone should take precautions recommended in the Government’s comprehensive prevention and control strategy reiterated yesterday. These include wearing a surgical mask when taking public transport or when in crowded places, avoiding touching one’s face, and getting in the habit of washing hands frequently. 

Although some travel may be required, the Government recommends not travelling to Hubei Province, and avoiding travelling if possible for the time being. Those who return from overseas are recommended to avoid crowded places, but if that is unavoidable, they should wear a surgical mask for 14 days after returning to Hong Kong. More guidelines on preventing infection can be found here.

The Chamber is adopting the Government’s recommendations, including providing flexible working arrangements for staff. For our staff who need to provide essential services at our offices, we have put in place extra hygiene cleansing and precautionary measures. Our staff who are working from home can be reached during normal business hours via email, while our head office and certification office’s staff providing essential services can still be contacted as usual.  

We believe safeguarding everyone’s health should be paramount. Minimizing the risk of spreading the virus will also help us recover sooner. Consequently, we have postponed or cancelled roundtable luncheons, networking receptions and other events until the situation improves. To check on the status of Chamber services, activities or events, please check on our website. 

Thank you for your understanding, and we hope that everyone in Hong Kong can play their role in preventing the spread of the coronavirus.