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John KC Lee | HKSAR Chief Executive

I thank all who have been supporting the GCA and look forward to their continued efforts. Hong Kong is our home and every one of us has a role in keeping it safe. I am sure that with everyone upholding the spirit of good citizenship, abiding by the law and helping those in need, Hong Kong will remain one of the world’s safest and most stable societies.

Siu Chak-Yee | Commissioner of Police

As Commissioner of Police, I sincerely hope that the whole community can inherit the spirit of "Good people endeavor to help others" and it can be rooted in Hong Kong. The Force will do its utmost to work with the community in fighting crime and guarding the city.

Betty Yuen |
HKGCC Chairman

As the Chairman of the Chamber, I am very proud of the contribution that this award scheme has had either directly or indirectly on all our lives, and to our economic prosperity. I hope that we can all join hands and do our part in making sure Hong Kong continues to prosper as a safe metropolis.

Hong Kong's Heroes

Fight Crime Together
Safer Home, Better Future

Celebrities and business leaders back the good citizen award in 2023
Chang Kwan, a sprightly 79-year-old citizen, became the Chamber’s oldest recipient of the Good Citizen Award during an awards ceremony on January 9, 1998. Ms Chang prevented a car theft and helped the Police to arrest two suspects.
Chang Kwan

Oldest Winner in 1998

A 6-year-old Korean boy, Yi yun-sang, was presented a Good Citizen Award and a certificate for his assistance in alerting the Police about a robbery.
Yi Yun-sang

One of the Yongest Winners

"Assisting the Police is such a natural thing to do, and I don't consider it any bother."
Paul Chan, who helped the Police arrest criminals, was presented a Good Citizen Award twice for his bravery in 1978 and 2007 respectively.
Paul Chan

Winner of Good Citizen Award Twice


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Chamber CEO Patrick Yeung presented a certificate of appreciation to Quince Chong, CLP Power Chief Corporate Development Officer on 19 January 2024, in appreciation of CLP Holdings Limited’s generous support for the Good Citizen Award (GCA) Fund for the coming two years.
The GCA recognizes individuals who have assisted the Hong Kong Police Force in combating crime, making Hong Kong one of the safest places to live in and do business. HKGCC has proudly sponsored the GCA Fund for the past 50 years, during which over 4,500 members of the public have been presented with an award and a cheque in recognition of their bravery.
We would like to sincerely thank all donors for their generous contributions to the GCA Fund and support for Hong Kong’s brave citizens.

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