Restoring Blue Skies:
Review of the Policy Agenda on Air Pollution
Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce

April 2008

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Synopsis of ideas and recommendations

One: Global citizenship
Two: Cooperation with the Mainland
Three: Energy policy
Four: Demand-side Management
Five: Infrastructure and urban planning
Six: Sustainable transport
Seven: Green procurement
Eight: Pollution tracking
Nine: Transparency and reporting
Ten: Building human capital for sustainability

The Way Forward

67.   In this paper we have considered ten aspects of the pollution problem and put forward 40 ideas and recommendations.  Some of the ideas may generate immediate action, while others may take long to implement, and still others will need more thorough consideration before decisions can be made.  We shall need to work on building the right infrastructure (such as the ideas on energy and transport), and to use our current infrastructure efficiently.  Above all, we need to continue to develop policies and institutions, whether in cross-border cooperation or in engaging the various stakeholders within Hong Kong .  But we believe the problem is now so critical that action must be taken.  There will be many ways of setting priorities, and many more issues to discuss and debate.  This policy paper will have served its purpose if it can inform and guide further action and discussion, both within the business sector and the wider community.


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(Full Paper)