The Women Executives Club of the Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce proudly presents Soirée Xiqu, an evening of appreciation of the rich cultural heritage of Cantonese Opera at the Grand Theatre in Xiqu Centre on 1 November, targeting an audience of 1,000+.

This event aims to celebrate local culture and promote community integration. Therefore, besides performances by celebrated and up-and-coming local artists, there will be a number of amateur singers from Hong Kong’s business community and some young performers from different ethnic backgrounds performing their interpretations of Cantonese Opera.

In addition to inviting members of the business community in Hong Kong, we have also reserved 400 tickets to enable students, senior citizens and underprivileged families to enjoy the performance. To allocate the tickets, we are working with Les Beatitudes Foundation Limited, a not-for-profit organization that provides work-at-home opportunities for women in Hong Kong.


7:15 - 7:25pm

Opening ceremony

7:30 - 10:30pm

Princess Chang Ping • Reunited

Time: Late Ming and early Qing
Venue: Inside a Temple / Outdoor in the snow
Season: Winter

Ming Princess Chang Ping is living incognito after the collapse of the Ming Dynasty. One day, she meets her husband Zhou Shixian unexpectedly when she goes to the mountain to collect firewood. read more...

Zhou questions the princess in front of a Guan Yin statue, but she does not acknowledge him until he attempts to commit suicide.


Reincarnation of Red Plum Tree • Rendezvous by the Willow

Time: Southern Song Dynasty
Venue: On the bridge (Actor)/ On the Bow (Actress)
Season: Spring/Summer

Jia Sidao, an official in the Southern Song Dynasty, is greedy and overbearing. One day, Jia’s concubine Li Hui Niang visits the West Lake and encounters the scholar, Pei Yu. read more...

Li is entranced by Pei, but knows that she is not allowed to fall in love with him. When they meet again at dusk, they sing a melancholy duet.


Dreams in the Red Villa • Illusion & Separation

Separated between heaven and earth, solitary Jia Baoyu was in an illusory realm when he met Lady Lin Daiyu in a dream. Baoyu was suffering from his obsession with their earthly love, while Daiyu was suffering from pitying Baoyu's lingering yearn. read more...

Parting was so difficult to bear, so the two shared their deepest emotion with this beautiful touching tune.


Love and Enmity • The Truth

Time: End of the Yuan Dynasty
Venue: Bedroom

Confucian Fan has lived in a temple since his family was murdered. He then marries a wealthy woman, concealing his real identity, but later discovers that his wife is the daughter of his enemy. read more...

Fan tries to escape, but when his wife catches him, he reveals the true story. His wife is so moved that she releases him.


Cantonese Opera Excerpts Performance - The Plea @ The Peony Pavilion

Li Niang is the daughter of a wealthy official. At age 16, she dreamed of a young man Liu at Peony Pavilion. When she woke up, Li Niang became very sick, but she painted a self- portrait before she passed away. read more...

Few years later, Liu accidentally picked up the self-portrait at a temple. He felt he has met the lady in the portrait before and slowly fell in love with her. One night, the spirit of Li Niang appeared in the garden and pleaded Liu to help her.


VIP Package
HK$7600 (Include Two $680 tickets + Handmade Souvenirs + Admission to VIP Cocktail Receptions).
Interested parties please contact Ms. Cathy Chan at (852) 28231282 or cathy@chamber.org.hk.

Individual Ticket

Individual tickets are available from 15 August 2019 via Xiqu Centre Ticket Office, online and telephone bookings. From 16 August 2019, tickets are also available at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts and designated Tom Lee Music Outlets (Olympian City and Shatin). No handling fee for tickets bought online, in person or by phone.

A 50% discount is available for senior citizens aged 60 or above, people with disabilities and a companion, wheelchair users and a companion, Comprehensive Social Security Assistance (CSSA) recipients and full-time students. Ticket holders must present proof of eligibility on admission.

Ticketing Enquiries:
Online: www.westkowloon.hk
Phone: (852) 2200 0022


We are inviting Corporate Sponsors for this exquisite event with a wide range of brand and media exposure to the Hong Kong business community and the public. In addition, we target at 1000+ audience, including our prestigious members and guests at the event. Explore the sponsorship opportunities at cathy@chamber.org.hk or (852) 28231282.

Lead Sponsor:

Silver Sponsors:


Location and Venue


Grand Theatre, Xiqu Centre, West Kowloon Cultural District

88 Austin Road West, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon (near China Hong Kong City)


Event Enquiries

Ms. Cathy Chan
(852) 28231282, cathy@chamber.org.hk

Ms. Jasmine Kwong
(852) 28231255, jasmine@chamber.org.hk



Tang Mi Ling comes from a family with a strong Cantonese opera tradition and was nurtured by family members including performers Leung Hon Wai, Leung Siu Sum and Man Chin Sui. She trained at the Cantonese Opera Academy of Hong Kong and the Hon Fung Cantonese Opera Institute, and was coached by veterans including Wong Yuet Sang. She has also been trained by celebrated performers in Peking and Kunqu opera such as Ying Jin Sha and Hu Zhi Feng, and is currently a student of the famed Cantonese opera singer Chan Wai Ling.

In 2016, Tang became a formal disciple of Chen Xiao Feng, a senior Cantonese opera performer. Also in 2016, she was awarded the RTHK Xiqu Talent Outstanding Award.

Kelly Chan Kar Yue is an Associate Professor of Translation at the Open University of Hong Kong (OUHK). She learned Cantonese opera singing from teachers Chow Wun Ling, Duncan Wong Sing Kwan and Leonard Wong Shing Chuen.

She also organizes Cantonese opera-related activities and charity shows, including a seminar at OUHK, “Cantonese Opera Singing and Improvisation: Appreciation and Demonstration” in 2016, and OUHK’s “Cantonese Opera Night — A Dream of the Red Chamber” earlier this year.

As part of her academic research, Chan has published papers related to the translation of Cantonese opera and presented her work at a number of international academic conferences. She translated Sit Kok-sin’s Artistic Life: Pictorial Collection into English.

Shan is the apprentice of renowned Cantonese opera performers MAN Chin Sui and LEUNG Siu Sum. Shan was first exposed to Cantonese opera at the age of 13, and has performed Cantonese opera in Hong Kong, Toronto, Vancouver, Los Angeles and Singapore. In 2013, she graduated from University College London with a BA in Linguistics, and from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts in 2017 with a BFA in Chinese Opera (Cantonese Performance).

Winner of the Academy’s Director’s Award and Excellent Student Award, Shan founded the Shan Opera in 2011 to promote and preserve Cantonese Opera and is currently a member of the Young Academy Cantonese Opera Troupe, HKAPA.

Nam Fung is currently one of the most popular Cantonese opera actresses in Hong Kong. She learned singing techniques from the famous teacher Wong Yuet Sang and acquired Northern-style gestures and footwork from Tam Shan Shan and Fan Kuk Fa.

Nam founded the Fung Sang Fai Troupe with Yuen Siu Fai, another famous Cantonese opera actor.

Besides Cantonese opera, she has also performed in Western plays including the musical "The Pearl Outfit," produced by The Spring-Time Group, and the drama "The Stage Curtain."

Li Qiu Yuan is a famous Cantonese opera actor who has performed in Cantonese operas including “Romance and Hatred," “Wu Song” and “The Legend of the Purple Hairpin.” Now resident in Hong Kong, he was previously a senior manager at the Cantonese Opera troupe and Drama Association in Zhaoqing. He studied under performers Kong Que Ping, Du De Wei, Cheung Si Kit, Loong Koon Tin, Chen Xiao Han and Zhou Gong Jin. He has won a number of Cantonese opera awards in Mainland China, including the Gold Award at the Guangdong Youth Traditional Opera Performing Competition and the Chinese National Theatre Cultural Award and Performance Prize.

Ng Chin Fung became an apprentice of Cantonese Opera master Chan Fei Nung at the age of 14, and later served as a late-stage disciple of the famous actor Ku Tin Ng. The young Ng’s industrious attitude as well as his singing talent led his teachers to recommend him to Chan Tit Ying. By the age of 18, Ng had already demonstrated his versatility by performing leading civil and military male roles.

Ng has performed around the world, including in the United States, Australia, Singapore and Malaysia. He also founded the Yat Yuet Sing Troupe and the Chin Fung Troupe, and has recorded a number of albums.

Lin Ying Shi, Alis graduated from the Guangdong Cantonese Opera Academy. She received scholarship from The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts (HKAPA) in 2007 to further her studies in Cantonese opera, and was also the tutor for the HKAPA. Lin is the student of two well-known Cantonese opera actresses -- Ms Zheng Pei Ying and Ms Ni Hui Ying. Lin won various awards in Mainland China such as “The National Award for Singing Stars”; “Sing Stars of Tomorrow”; “The Four Seas Cup of Cantonese Opera Singing for Guangzhou/HK/Macau” etc.

Lin founded the Alis Arts Centre in 2018 with the vision to promote the appreciation of Cantonese Opera.

Wang Zhi Liang has been performing Cantonese opera for more than a decade and has won awards including the Outstanding Performance Award at the Rising Stars in Cantonese Opera Showcase organized by the West Kowloon Cultural District in 2014, and the RTHK Xiqu Talent Outstanding Award in 2016.

He has starred in large-scale productions including "The Reincarnation of Lady Plum Blossom,” “Huang FeiHu Breaching the Five Passes” and “Island of Farewell.”

Eva Cheng is the Executive Director of Our Hong Kong Foundation, and an Independent Non-executive Director of Nestle S.A., Haier Electronics Group Company Limited, Trinity Limited. Cheng is also a council member of the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, member of the LCSD Venue Partnership Committee and member of the West Kowloon Cultural District Xiqu Centre Advisory Panel. She enjoys Cantonese operatic art and in her leisure time takes lessons from the notable Cantonese opera musician Lau Wing Chuen and renowned Kunqu performer Ying Jin Sha.

With more than 30 years’ experience of Cantonese opera performance, improvisation and teaching, Leonard Wong Shing Chuen has been a member or chief musician of numerous troupes including Chor Fung Ming and Hing Fung Ming. His instrumental abilities include violin, gaohu and percussion, and he has enhanced his violin techniques and Cantonese opera improvisation skills under the instruction of Choo Heng Cheong, a celebrated master in the industry. Wong’s teaching experience includes the “Cantonese Opera Teaching Workshop” organized by the Education Department. He is the author of “Choo Heng-cheong’s Life and His Operatic Art” and editor of “Famous Names of Cantonese Opera in the Contemporary Age,” published in 2011.

Besides his percussion skills, Duncan Wong SK also sings, accompanies and teaches Cantonese opera skills. He founded his own studio in 2005, and has also served as an opera tutor at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts. Wong’s academic work includes a number of papers and essays, and he has written columns for industry publications. He is a member of Composers and Authors Society of Hong Kong Limited (CASH). Wong was a disciple of Wong Yuet Sang and Choo Heng Cheong, and he won a Cantonese opera singing competition in 1992.

Anita is the Director of ADAM, a social enterprise of Arts with the Disabled Association Hong Kong, and the co-founder of Cheongsam Connect. She started her training in Cantonese Opera at the Wan Man Cantonese Opera Academy. She is now under the guidance of Kong Suet Lo.

She is devoted to charitable work related to arts, aiming to promote Hong Kong as a caring and inclusive society.

Jennifer is currently the chairman of DT Capital Ltd, and the chairman of Women Executives Club of HKGCC. She was born in Hong Kong, raised and studied in the Netherlands. She has a great interest in Cantonese opera since early childhood. She learned more about Chinese culture from the beautiful Chinese lyrics of Cantonese opera songs. In recent years, she has learnt Cantonese opera singing from a teacher Leonard Wong Shing Chuen. Jennifer also performed in the Sha Tin Cantonese Opera Fun Day in 2017.

Yemina studied in Hong Kong till 13 years old and continued her opera training with master WONG Tao (黃滔) BAI Xue Hung, Monica (白雪紅), BAI Xue Mei (白雪梅) and Emily WONG (黃綺雯) in Vancouver. She founded the Chinese Music Society while she was obtaining a bachelor degree at McGill University, Montreal. After her recent graduation, she started teaching at Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts.

Yemina has performed in many cities (i.e.Vancouver, Montreal, New York, Singapore, Australia, China, and Hong Kong) and has won multiple awards including champion for the 2017 ShenZhen-ZhuHai-Hong Kong-Macau Cantonese opera singing competition and the Greater Bay Area Cantonese opera Competition in 2019.

Vivek Ashok Mahbubani, an Indian born and raised in Hong Kong. Educated at City University of Hong Kong after finishing high school at Diocesan Boy’s School.

Vivek is a award winning stand-up comedian for both English and Chinese category. He is also a musician and an award-winning new media designer.

Gordon LEE is the current World Champion Harmonicist from Hong Kong. He has been performing globally in the New York Carnegie Hall, Vienna Muth Concert Hall, and Singapore Esplanade, as well as renowned venues in Seoul and Germany. He will soon be performing with Franco YUEN (阮兆輝) in Mexico and Hawaii, and have scheduled other performances in the Hong Kong Xiqu Centre, to promote Cantonese Opera. Born and bred in Hong Kong, Gordon graduated from the EdUHK where he was awarded the President's Commendation. He then continued his training with master harmonicists in Vienna and Norway, and is currently trained under the two-time Grammy Award Winner, Howard Levy, in New York. Gordon’s deep understanding towards different genres of music allows him to combine various musical elements together ( i.e. pop, jazz, classical and Chinese Opera) into a magical style of his own. The young artist becomes the ambassador and the bridge to connect different cultures and generations. His latest CD, Gordon Lee and his Encore Trio, was released in 2018 and received worldwide positive feedback and recognition.

HE Liyan was hailed for his performance at a concert in Israel at age 14. Since then he has won many competitions, including the 2016 Best Performance of Shostakovich Concerto Prize in Shenzhen, 2012 Top Award in Beijing BIMFA Concerto Competition, First Prize in 2011 “China Giant Cup” Music Competition and Grand Prize of HKGNA Piano Competition in 2010. Liyan has performed worldwide as a soloist in various venues, including New York Carnegie Hall, Italy Teatro Verdi, Israel Convention Hall, Germany Trossingen Conservatory, Singapore Esplanade and in major Chinese cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou. In addition to performing, Liyan teaches students in his studio in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, nurturing many award winning talent for Hong Kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou.

The Pelicans is an a cappella group formed by enthusiastic singers dedicated to supporting charitable events. After their public debut in July 2015 featuring the 6 founding male members, they added 6 female members in 2016 in a bid to take the group to a new level with more varieties. In December 2016, they participated in the concert "Christmas Carols with Paul Phoenix and Friends". The full house concert raised funds for the conservation and maintenance of the historical teak and rosewood rattan pews in St John’s Cathedral. In 2017, they were featured in the “Celebrating Hong Kong” service with the attendance of the Chief Executive of the HKSAR, Ms Carrie LAM. Later in December, they were invited by the Harmonia choir in Beijing and performed at the Beijing Concert Hall with conductor Professor WU Lingfen. From 2018 to 2019, they continued to perform in charitable events such as Changing Young Life Foundation 2018 Charity Gala, HKSKH Diocese of East Kowloon Christmas concert, and Christian Ministry to Visually Impaired Person 40th Anniversary Concert. In December 2018, they participated in the concert “Christmas Carols with the Pelicans” organized by the Friends of Museum of Arts.