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Royal England Safe Deposit Box has been aiming to raise the bar for security standards in safe deposit box facilities since its inception in 2017.

“One of our group’s core values is building trust through commitment, and the safe deposit box business is an iconic representation of that,” said General Manager Eric Chan. “We help customers store their valuables in one of the most secured environments in the world.”

Demand has been growing in recent years for safe deposit box services, not only in developed cities such as Hong Kong, but also increasingly in new regions such as the neighboring Greater Bay Area. The potential for growth beyond Hong Kong is one of the reasons the company decided to join HKGCC, as the Chamber provides the opportunity to help it strengthen its international business network, “which was crucial to building Royal England’s brand,” said Chan.

As bank-provided safe deposit box facilities are in short supply, consumers have the option of using third-party facilities to store their personal assets. However, earning the initial trust of customers is a hurdle that Royal England has had to overcome, as Chan explained.

“Most of Hong Kong’s residents believe that home is always the safest and most convenient place to store their valuables”, said Chan. “But the fact is that burglary cases happen almost every day, and can take place in all corners of the world.”

Royal England also had to stand out from the competition when it first launched. So to ensure its services would be of the highest quality, its safe deposit box hardware is installed by the leading British company Burton Safes, whose products are certified by the European Committee for Standardization. In addition, a fully automated system allows Royal England’s customers to monitor the safety box status via a mobile application.

“We are the only one in the world with such a feature,” said Chan. In the near future, Royal England plans on expanding its line of safe deposit box options to include custom-made safes for customers who might have items that come in unique sizes and shapes.

Although the Covid-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on many businesses, Royal England has not been badly shaken by the virus. Thanks to a sequence of strict hygiene measures, all visitors and staff at Royal England are well protected. “As a matter of fact, the business conditions in general have not had much of an effect on our operations and business performance,” Chan said.

Company : Royal England Safe Deposit Box Ltd
HKGCC Membership No. : HKR0389
Established : 2017
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