Terms and Conditions
The Hong Kong General Chamber of Commerce (“HKGCC”) is the administrator of the Lucky Draw.
To be eligible to participate in the Lucky Draw, participants must be 18 years of age or older; be either i) a permanent resident of Hong Kong holding a valid Hong Kong Permanent Identity Card; or ii) a non-permanent resident of Hong Kong holding a valid Hong Kong Identity Card; and have received a double vaccination against the Covid-19 virus in Hong Kong before registering for the Lucky Draw round in which they participate.
Potential entrants are advised to follow Government guidance and take medical advice if necessary before deciding to have any Covid-19 vaccination. They are solely responsible for such decisions.
By applying to enter this Lucky Draw, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.
Lucky Draw Rounds
The Lucky Draw will be held at several rounds on various dates between July and September 2021 (inclusive).
Each eligible person can submit only one entry into the Lucky Draw.
Winners will be selected in a random drawing at each round from all eligible entries received. Random drawing will be conducted at rounds on 22 July, 5 August, 19 August, 2 September, 16 September, 23 September, and 30 September by a representative of HKGCC, whose decisions are final. The deadline for entry into the Lucky Draw is 23:59:59 of the date immediately before each Lucky Draw round, for example 21 July 23:59:59 is the deadline for the first draw on 22 July.
Entrants who are not successful in any of the first six rounds will be “rolled-over” (i.e. their entry will automatically be re-entered) into subsequent round(s), up to and including the final round on 30 September 2021.
Notification of Winners
Winners will be notified by SMS within 2 days after each round, and are required to book a specific time slot for prize collection within 10 calendar days of notification.
Winners must attend in person to collect the prize at a specific time and location within 12 calendar days after the round at which they have won the prize (subject to the COVID-19 check described hereafter).
When collecting prizes, winners will be required to present to HKGCC their SMS message from HKGCC, their original HKID card, as well as their original COVID-19 Vaccination Record paper certificate and/or their record on the Government’s “eHealth app” or “iAM Smart app” to demonstrate that they have been double-vaccinated against COVID-19. Winners will also be required to sign a written consent for HKGCC to verify their vaccination record with the Hong Kong SAR Government.
Prize(s) will be forfeited automatically with no exception if there is any discrepancy between the information on the winner’s entry form and the COVID-19 Vaccination Record, or if the winner is unable to present the original SMS notification, HKID card, COVID-19 Vaccination Record paper certificate and/or their record on the Government’s “eHealth app” or “iAM Smart app”.
The results of the Lucky Draw will be announced on the HKGCC’s website and Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/hkgcc)within 12 calendar days after each Lucky Draw round. All Lucky Draw results will be published on 8 October 2021 in Sing Tao Daily and The Standard.
Winners of all prizes must follow the terms and conditions of their usage, and some may be required to book with the respective prize sponsors in advance.
Should the prizes require the paying of any tax, duties, registration fees, legal fees, or other payments, these will be borne by the winner. Please refer to the terms and conditions of the individual Lucky Draw prizes.
HKGCC is not liable for the failure of suppliers of prizes to perform any obligations or provide any services. Any query or dispute regarding the quality, performance or value of prizes should be addressed exclusively by the winners to the respective suppliers of prizes.
All prizes are non-exchangeable for cash or other items.
Prizes not claimed by the winners on 31 October 2021 will be forfeited and returned to the respective sponsors.
HKGCC is not liable for any delay, loss of information or error in transmitting information that may be caused by any technical problems.
No person other than HKGCC and eligible participants will have any rights or benefits from these terms and conditions under the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Ordinance (Cap 623).
Personal information is required to be shown (including for verification of vaccination) to confirm eligibility of entrants for this Lucky Draw and before prizes are awarded. Please see our Data Privacy statement on this link for details of the purposes for which your personal data may be used, and the persons to whom it may be disclosed.
If any participant does not comply with any of these terms and conditions, or participates dishonestly, HKGCC has the right to disqualify the participant without any notice.
HKGCC reserves the right to disqualify any participant who has engaged in any unlawful or other improper misconduct which interferes with the fair and proper conduct of the Lucky Draw, for example if any of the information it provides to HKGCC is inaccurate, incomplete or insufficient. HKGCC reserves all legal rights to recover damages or other compensation from such a participant.
Neither HKGCC nor any sponsors are liable for any adverse health effects (including death) that may result from being vaccinated. Accordingly, participants will indemnify HKGCC and the sponsors for any liability, losses or claims that they may sustain as a result of any such adverse effects.
Employees of HKGCC and the external service provider for the specialist computer system, EY Mtel Solutions Ltd, are not allowed to enter this Lucky Draw.
In case of any dispute, whether as to eligibility of a person to participate, the award of prizes or otherwise, other than the matters covered in Clause 16 above, the decision of HKGCC shall be final and binding.

Trade promotion competition licence numbers: 54449, 54450, 54466 and 54467