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Czech Republic: Europe’s Starting Point of the Belt and Road?

As one of the higher-performing countries in Central Europe, the Czech Republic boasts aerospace, automotive and advanced engineering, ICT, electrical engineering and electronics sectors. Ondrej Koc, Director for China and Southeast Asia Operations of CzechInvest, and Klara Jurcova, Deputy Ambassador and Head of Political Section of Embassy of the Czech Republic in Beijing, spoke about the investment environment, political agenda and international politics, as well as what the Belt and Road initiative means to the Czech Republic at the Europe Committee Country Briefing Series on 13 February. Louis Chan, Economist (Global Research) of Hong Kong Trade Development Council, also gave a briefing about the Belt and Road opportunities in the Central and Eastern European Countries (CEECs), which the Czech Republic is one of.

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The Belt and Road Initiative: The Participation and Sustainability of Professional Services

Prof Linda Li and Prof Phyllis Mo, from the City University of Hong Kong and the Sustainable Hong Kong Research Hub, shared their views on the role of professional industries in Hong Kong in the Belt and Road Initiative with members during a roundtable luncheon on 23 January. They discussed how professional services, especially the legal and accounting sector, can seize each opportunity to participate in the Belt and Road Initiative. They also stressed that the key to success of the Belt and Road Initiative lied in the joint effort of different sectors in Hong Kong.

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The Belt and Road Initiative Framework and the Role of and Opportunities for Hong Kong

Prof Zhao Lei, from the Institute of International Strategic Studies, Party School of the Central Committee of the CPC, spoke about the national framework of the Belt and Road Initiative. He was accompanied by Professor Linda Chelan Li, Professor at Department of Public Policy, City University, and Convenor of the Sustainable Hong Kong Research Hub. During the Seminar, he also explained the important role of Hong Kong in the initiative as Hong Kong is well-equipped with a sound financial industry and an adequate supply of professional talent. He also touched on the ways how Hong Kong companies can seize opportunities along the Belt and Road. Finally, Prof Zhao highlighted the cultural aspects and the important role of the cultural influence of the Belt and Road Initiative.

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Exploring Ways to Boost HK and Japan’s Role in the Belt & Road

Yvonne Choi, Hong Kong’s recently appointed Belt and Road Commissioner, and Dr Tse Kwok Leung, Head of Economic Research, BOC (Hong Kong), shared their views at a joint HKGCC and Hong Kong Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (HKJCCI) dinner on 4 October, on how Hong Kong and Japanese businesses can capture some of the opportunities in the Belt and Road initiative. HKGCC and HKJCCI have a long history of cooperation. Kuninori Matsuda, Ambassador and Consul General of Japan, also pointed out at the event that a two-month long Japan Autumn Festival will take place in Hong Kong. More details can be found here


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Spain & Latin America’s Role Along the Belt and Road

In recent years, China’s trade with Latin America and Spain has been thriving. At a Chamber’s roundtable luncheon on 27 May, Bank of China’s Head of Policy & Economic Research Dr Tse Kwok Leung, BBVA Hong Kong’s Chief Economist for Asia Dr Le Xia and Economist Carlos Casanova, and Chile Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce’s President Mario Ignacio Artaza spoke on the Spain and Latin America’s role along the belt and road initiative, HK-Latin American trade, as well as the importance of enriching exchanges between Latin American and China -- with Hong Kong's strategic role as a “super-connector” between Mainland China and the rest of the world.

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Cocktail Reception with Consuls General of the Asia-Pacific, African and Middle Eastern Regions: Exploring the Belt & Road Countries

Over 100 members attended the Asia & Africa Committee's Cocktail Reception on 16 May at the Chamber's Theatre for a productive evening of networking with over 20 Consuls General of Asia, Africa and Middle Eastern countries. Andrew Wells, Chairman of the Committee, welcomed members and guests, while Dr. Tse Kwok LeungHead of Policy & Economic Research, Bank of China (Hong Kong), gave a short talk about economic opportunities that the belt & road initiative is expected to create. Shirley Yuen, Chamber CEO, gave a toast to stronger ties between Hong Kong and the Asian, African and Middle Eastern regions.

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Economic Stress Amidst Geopolitical Tensions: Risks and Opportunities along China's Belt and Road

Zbyszko Tabernacki, Vice President for Economics and Country Risks at IHS, spoke at a Chamber roundtable on 9 March on the slowdown of the global economy and the geopolitical tensions among emerging markets. He delivered a general analysis on selected Asian countries, indicating that ASEAN will be one of the world’s fastest growing regions over the next three decades. Tabernacki also predicted that Mainland China’s GDP growth would be 6.3% this year, lower than the target set by the Central Government. He believed that the Belt & Road Initiative and the new multilateral development banks (AIIB, NDB, Silk Road Fund) together would be a major regional growth catalyst.

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"Belt and Road Initiative: Hong Kong Business Opportunities

Cathy Jiang, partner of Tax and China Business Advisory Service of PricewaterhouseCoopers, dissected the possible operation models under "One Belt One Road" initiative shared her views with members about sectors that stand to benefit the most from the plan. 

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China's Belt and Road Initiative

The development strategy of "Belt and Road" proposed by President Xi has become a hot topic throughout the world, due to its scope, which covers 65 countries and 4.4 billion people. Dr Thomas Chan, Head of the China Business Centre of the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, shared his views on this new national initiative and highlight the main projects of the plan. 

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One Belt One Road: New Opportunities for Hong Kong

'Hong Kong can function as the financial centre under the national strategy “One Belt One Road”,' Dr Tse Kwok-leung, Head of Policy & Economic Research at Bank of China (Hong Kong) shared his views with around 100 participants at the roundtable luncheon at the Chamber on 13 May. The population in Southeast Asia region reaches 600 million and raises many business opportunities to China's railway construction and trade industries. Hong Kong can act as the financial hub for these projects.

SlidesBank of China Group Insurance Co Ltd
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