Young Executives Club

Terms of Reference

YEC aims at strengthening the fellowship and developing next generation leaders among young business elites and aspiring executives through networking events and other activities, which will in turn add value to their professional development and benefit the Chamber as a whole.

YEC adds to the Chamber’s existing programme structure by providing more events of interests to young members; facilitating intellectual exchange of participants; raising awareness of social and educational issues; and contributing to the community.

YEC is a club-structure group composed of young business elites and executives who are Chamber members. The leadership of YEC is selected, on a voluntary basis, to lead the club, organize and run club programmes, and coordinate project leaders and other volunteers on club projects, supported by the Chamber Secretariat.

Activities organized by YEC will be particularly designed to address the needs and interests of young executives and to encourage their active participation.

The nature of YEC programmes should be in keeping with the Chamber’s image and reputation. YEC programmes are basically operated on a self-financed or cost-recovery basis, supplemented by programme charges, fundraising and sponsorship.

YEC is led by an Executive Committee which will meet when necessary.

The Executive Committee oversees the following areas:
• Education and Information
• Community / Charity (CSR)
• Membership and Fellowship
• Lifestyle and Recreation

Individual projects of the respective areas are led by one of the Executive Committee members on a voluntary basis. Project leaders are in charge of an individual programme on an ad hoc basis, while helpers can be solicited from among YEC membership to provide secretarial and logistics support.

I. Executive Committee membership is by invitation only. It is restricted to employers or employees of Full Members of the Chamber, and subject to approval by Chairman and Chamber CEO.

II. YEC membership is open to Chamber member companies’ employers and employees, and individual associates.

YEC members must be at the age of 45 or below when joining and may stay in the club until reaching the age of 50.

The duration of term for the Chairman and Vice Chairman is one year, eligible for re-election at the end of the term. The Chairman should not serve longer than two years. In exceptional circumstances, with prior approval of the Chamber CEO, the Chairman may serve a third consecutive year.

I. Executive Committee members have a duty to attend Committee meetings and to participate in activities initiated or endorsed by the Club. Committee members who fail to attend three consecutive Committee meetings may be invited to resign. Committee members who fail to attend six consecutive Committee meetings shall be deemed to have resigned.

II. YEC members are expected to participate in, time permitting, activities initiated / endorsed by the Club.

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