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Let’s Put the Puzzle Pieces Together for the Future of Hong Kong
“Ding Ding!” As the bells tinkled, Chamber members and I got aboard a special antique tram at Sai Wan to ride to Causeway Bay, kicking off a series of celebrations that day for the Chamber’s...
Digital Disruption: Threat or Opportunity?
Technology develops at such a rapid pace that nobody can predict how it will advance. As Bill Gates once said, “We always overestimate the change that will occur in the next two years and underestimate...
Listing Regulation Proposals Lack Justification
Most people in Hong Kong are probably aware of what an IPO is. Even if you are not an investor, you have probably heard news about the issuance of new shares from time to time. The total value of IPO funds...
Business Opportunities Along the Belt and Road
Since President Xi Jinping announced the Belt and Road Initiative, the national strategy has become the focus of significant attention from many sectors of society and international media. Several organizations...
Share Your Views on Creating a Better Hong Kong
The Legislative Council General Election this month saw a record voter turnout of 58%. Many voters had to endure long queues at polling stations, which showed how keen many of us were to cast our vote...
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