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Time for an Overhaul of the Town Planning Process
Unlike many of our global rivals, here in Hong Kong we have to cope with the challenges of an extremely densely populated city. Our living and working environment must be fit for purpose if we are to stay...
Cleaning Our Regulatory House
Here in Hong Kong we like to think we are pretty competitive. For the most part we are. Our speed and efficiency is the envy of many countries around the world. Our low and simple tax regime has also been...
Private Sector Stands Ready to Help Build Hong Kong into an I&T Hub
The future that innovation and technology (I&T) promises to provide us is exciting. We can look forward to a better quality of life, convenience, efficiency and, not least, a new turbo-charged engine...
No Time to Labour Over Manpower Challenges
In the day-to-day meetings and conversations that I have with members, visitors and friends, one recurrent topic that keeps coming up is how much difficulty they have in hiring people with the right skills...
Time to Be Bold and Innovative
For a long time now, the Chamber has been beating the drum on the need for a two-tiered profits tax to sharpen Hong Kong’s competitiveness. That is why we are grateful to see that the Government...
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