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Spend Wisely to Enhance the Business Environment
In the Chamber’s Budget Submission that we sent to Financial Secretary Paul Chan on 24 January, we suggested a range of measures that we hope he will consider as he draws up his plans for the coming...
Smoothing the Flow of Traffic
Sitting in traffic jams is one of the great frustrations of living in a big city, and Hong Kong is certainly not immune. It seems to be most noticeable at busy periods such as Mid-Autumn Festival or at...
CE Luncheon Opens the Eyes of Students
The feedback we received from the Chamber’s Student Ambassadors who attended our recent Joint Business Luncheon with the Chief Executive makes for fascinating reading. “Before attending...
Adapting To a Greener Hong Kong
Here in Hong Kong, we like things to be fast and efficient. Every day at lunchtime, for example, thousands of people pour on to the streets and return to their desks an hour later, sated and ready for...
All Aboard for Free Ride Day
Here at the Chamber we are getting ready for one of our most important events, Free Ride Day, which will take place on 29 November. Every year on Free Ride Day, everyone in Hong Kong can enjoy free travel...
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