The term “new normal” first appeared during the 2008 financial crisis, referring to the dramatic economic and social transformation of the times. As one of the largest corporations in Hong Kong, NWS Holdings Limited (“NWS”) has responsibility and ability to help society emerge stronger, like in the previous crises.

NWS is the diversified industries flagship of New World Development Company Limited, with core business including roads, aviation, construction and insurance, and a strategic portfolio spanning sectors from logistics to facilities management.

We believe in building lasting value and generating sustainable growth for both our business and the communities we work in. We are not bringing good to society just because of social responsibility, but we also aim to create shared value. Creating shared value goes beyond conventional social contributions such as donations and volunteer activities. It is about value creation. We could create economic value by creating societal value, i.e. simultaneously addressing societal needs and challenges.

To this end, NWS is looking for brilliant students like YOU to share your creative and inspirational ideas on how to leverage our business and financial strengths to yield sustainable benefit to society.