Great Eagle Group

The pandemic and the accompanying global lockdown, quarantine requirements and travel restrictions have brought an unprecedented global challenge to the hotel industry. Some hotels are forced to close down temporarily or at best operate at a fraction of their capacity, while many are introducing staycation packages of various sorts to attract local customers.

The expectation on hotel services, and even the intrinsic functions of the hotel, may no longer be the same. Hotel operators should formulate strategies to adapt to this “new normal” and prepare for future shocks.

From “new normal” to “new future”, present your innovative visions to Great Eagle Group on how local hospitality could pivot in the new reality in 2025 and beyond. You have to develop your proposal by utilizing the hotel spaces well and illustrate the creative business model by applying the solution to one of the hotels under Great Eagle’s hotel division in Hong Kong: (1) The Langham, Hong Kong; (2) Cordis, Hong Kong; (3) and Eaton HK.

Your ultimate goal is to diversify revenue, and maximize profit per square meter of the selected hotel. Meanwhile, the proposal should benefit the Group’s business and the community as a whole.