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The prevalence of the pandemic has aroused much attention from the public about supply chain resilience and the importance of sustainability in the logistics industry. Carbon neutrality and Go-green initiatives are inextricably affiliated with sustainability.

Deutsche Post DHL Group, as one of the pioneers in the global logistics industry, has set up a net-zero carbon emissions target by 2050 (Mission 2050). By implementing climate-neutral logistics solutions and clean operations such as using sustainable aviation and green last-mile delivery, we hope to have all logistics-related carbon emission to be net zero with our concerted efforts. “Go-green” does not impact only the industry, but also our society and future generations.

With our aspiration to achieve the zero emission target, we need your innovative and futuristic ideas to further our ambition in reducing carbon emission and provide a positive impact to the society and our counterparts. Based on our current strategies, could you think of some other ways to achieve our target in our global forwarding business?