Technologies such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, and the internet of things are reshaping our world and evolving at breakneck speed. PwC helps clients to better understand these technologies and put them to work, so that clients will be the disruptor, not the disrupted. We work with clients to research, co-create, prototype, test, and deploy new services and solutions powered by the latest technological advancements.

Industry blockchain consortium

PwC offers integrated professional services from our legal, tax, consulting and cyber practices to support and smoothen clients’ collaboration with peer firms on governance, pricing, go-to-market and financing design to go-live of the industry utility and blockchain platform.

Product feasibility study and business due diligence

Leveraging our database and knowledge, PwC provides feasibility study on product characteristics and features to deliver service proposition to target clients; and business due diligence to review the valuation and risk assessment.

Blockchain app review and production certification

An independent review report co-authored with PwC’s certified blockchain labs to ensure updated knowledge on technologies, quality assurance and cost effectiveness.

Innovation and prototyping

PwC's Applied Research Labs work with clients to demonstrate the various possibilities of emerging technologies for their business. Together, we’ll explore new technologies, trial innovative ideas, and find the potential to rethink the way of doing business.