Great Eagle

Property Development in Future Climate

Design a climate resilient property development for sustainable community in 2030 Hong Kong

Climate change has been manifesting itself, and is having significant impacts on our ecosystems, economies and communities. It causes natural disasters and extreme weather – from heat waves to storms, floods and wildfires, causing global challenges to every living being.

Great Eagle is looking for innovative solutions to the Group's major activities, i.e. property business, that can have a significant environmental impact in response to climate change and sustainable challenges.

You are asked to design a new property development that is resilient and responsive to climate change, and function well by meeting the needs of different lifestyles in Hong Kong in 10 years’ time. The solution should identify key problems areas that the property may have in the face of climate change, and give your proposal on how to plan for, implement and monitor climate risk management practices, with a vision to build a sustainable future.

Other than addressing environmental challenges, the property development also has to facilitate people’s future livings, catering their needs in pursuing work, live, learn and play.

Great EagleWhile Great Eagle is looking for solutions to tackle climate change, the Group would also like to save costs in the long term by optimizing project budget. Therefore, the project should benefit not only the environment, but also the Group’s business and the economy as a whole.