China Expands ATA Carnet List
 ATA Carnet List   

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The General Administration of Customs of China grants temporary duty-free import of professional equipment and commercial samples

Mainland China has significantly expanded the scope of ATA Carnets to cover the temporary and duty-free importation of professional equipment and commercial samples, in addition to goods for exhibitions under the ATA Carnet system.

“In the past, businesses could only temporarily import goods with ATA Carnet for trade fairs and exhibitions, so the inclusion of professional equipment and commercial samples will benefit many SMEs and organizations who need to carry such items into Mainland China,” said HKGCC Chairman Aron Harilela.

Known also as a passport for goods, ATA Carnet allows for tax- and duty-free temporary export and import of items, and eliminate the need to pay import duties, taxes, VAT, deposits or securities at the time of importation and returning to home ports. Consequently, customs formalities are simplified and expedited.

The General Administration of Customs of China (GACC) also extended the period for which goods may be brought into the Mainland under the system from 6 months to 12 months from the date of issue. Newly included in the ATA Carnet list are, for example: computers, apparatuses, media and cinematographic equipment for broadcasting, scientific and medical equipment, musical instruments and stage items, as well as goods for testing, checking, experiments, demonstrations or advertising, among others. Consumable items, component parts, machinery for production purposes or containers are not covered by ATA Carnet.

“HKGCC has been talking with the Mainland authorities to expand the scope of ATA Carnet as part of our annual CEPA submissions. In the past, businesses sometimes encountered operational constraints under CEPA, such as ‘the big doors are open but the small doors are not yet open’,” said HKGCC CEO Shirley Yuen. “The expansion of ATA Carnet’s scope this time is a ground-breaking measure that will benefit many businesses, so we are delighted about this development.”

ATA Carnet is an international customs document that allows goods to travel duty and tax free within 78 countries and districts for up to one year. It is equivalent to a travel passport for goods, of which the Chamber is the sole guaranteeing and issuing body in Hong Kong.

More information on ATA Carnet can be found on HKGCC’s Business Documentation Services website.





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