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Today, e-commerce represents a significant opportunity in China. Chinese consumers are more connected like never before, and actively interact with brands and each other on the internet much more than consumers in other markets. This brings the importance of digital media and online platforms to the fore. On the other hand, many consumers still regularly visit brick-and-mortar stores. This underscores the need for brands to focus on both online and offline platforms and create effective O2O strategies to adapt to changing consumer demand and remain competitive. Brands and retailers need to provide consumers with a truly integrated and connected experience.

With the greater use of technology, social media is becoming an essential and influential tool for brands to keep consumers updated about their products and services, as well as to win new customers.

How can companies survive and thrive in this new omni-channel world, as well as stay relevant with a greater focus on technology and innovation?

Anson Bailey, Head of Consumer Markets at KPMG, will be sharing the latest findings of a number of KPMG e-commerce/online consumer reports along with some key findings from the new "The truth about online consumers" report featuring survey results from over 18,500 online consumers that was released in January 2017.

He will also be joined by representatives from a couple of these new e-commerce companies, namely and, to share their views on the marketplace.

Speaker(s) Anson Bailey, Head of Consumer Markets (Hong Kong), KPMG China
Clarence Ling, Co-Founder and Chief Development Officer,
Thibault Villet, Chairman and Co-founder,
Language English
Date and Time 2017/03/08 12:30 to 14:30
Venue Chamber Theatre, 22/F United Centre
Media Open to media
Enquiries Wendy Chan
Tel: 28231207
Fee Members @ HK$180 / Non-Members @ HK$380
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