Submissions and Reports

2017/04/25Proposal to Mandate Ocean-going Vessels and River Trade Vessels to use Compliant Fuel within Hong Kong Waters
The Chamber supports the HKSAR Government’s proposal to mandate ocean-going vessels and river trade vessels to use compliant fuel with sulphur content not exceeding 0.5% by weight within Hong Kong waters from 1 January 2019 onward, and recommends adding a provision in the legislation to adopt the 0.1% requirement in the event that the Mainland Government decides to adopt a more stringent standard, so as to bring us in alignment with the emission requirement of the PRD’s Emission Control Area.
2017/02/15Hong Kong Smart City Blue Print Consultancy Study
The Chamber supports the HKSAR Government’s initiative to embrace and adopt technology more widely as an accelerator to develop Hong Kong into a smart city, and emphasize the fundamental importance of Smart Government and Smart Citizen among the six themes for the development of an innovative and sustainable smart city.
2017/01/04Developing Kowloon East into a Smart City District-Feasibility Study Stage 1 Public Engagement
The Chamber supports the Government’s initiative to embrace and adopt technology more widely as an accelerator to develop Hong Kong into a smart city (or a “livable city”), and the selection of Kowloon East to trial run some feasible initiatives.
2016/10/25Promotion of Sustainable Consumption of Biological Resources
Promotion of sustainable consumption of biological resources requires concerted efforts through a mix of effective tools and instruments of all stakeholders to facilitate fundamental changes of consumption patterns under definitive government leadership.
2016/04/06Public Consultation on Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan
The Chamber welcomes HKSAR’s initiatives of developing the first five-year Biodiversity Strategy and Action Plan for Hong Kong, and emphasizes the critical importance of providing certainty and predictability so that businesses can plan well ahead in response to any policy changes and new requirements.
2016/03/17Electronic Road Pricing Pilot Scheme in Central and Its Adjacent Areas
The Chamber agrees that the Government should explore the notion of electronic road pricing (“ERP”) as a tool to control traffic but also feels that attention should be devoted to other issues that contribute to the chronic problem of traffic congestion in the Central District as ERP alone is not enough as to provide relief.
2015/06/29The Future Development of the Electricity Market
HKGCC has long been a supporter of a clean and effective energy policy to ensure a high level of energy reliability and stability, with full regard to affordability and environmental performance. While we appreciate the Government’s efforts to consult the public, we stress that changes are desirable only if certain objectives are achievable.
2015/02/10Extension of the Cleaner Production Partnership Programme
2014/12/23Phase 2 Public Engagement Consultation on the Proposed Establishment of a Harbourfront Authority
2014/07/11The Third Runway Project in the Hong Kong International Airport
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