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CE Luncheon Opens the Eyes of Students

The feedback we received from the Chamber’s Student Ambassadors who attended our recent Joint Business Luncheon with the Chief Executive makes for fascinating reading.

“Before attending this Luncheon, I thought business was only about making money,” one said.

This was echoed by many other students, who also said that they had previously thought that the Policy Address did not have much of an impact on their lives.

The students, who are all at high school, told us that listening to the Chief Executive’s speech had significantly widened their understanding of how policy is developed and of the interplay between Government and business in creating a better Hong Kong.

One student noted her surprise on hearing about the key role of business in the development of green cities. She had not previously been aware of the importance of the private sector in driving the move towards a sustainable future.

Most high school students have not yet ventured into the world of work and are not fully aware of the huge range of opportunities available. So it is great for them to learn that, whatever topic they are interested in, the business community is probably already active in that area. For students who are interested in green development, for example, the potential for jobs and training in that field is likely to be much broader than they had realised.

A number of the students even said that their opinions on key issues had been changed by the experience. One talked about the Lantau Tomorrow Vision. He said that, previously, he had only heard negative opinions about the proposal to create more land through reclamation. But after hearing Mrs Lam discuss her reasons, he said that he now understood the city’s land supply issue and the need to tackle it with concrete action.

Reading through the students’ responses was encouraging on a number of levels.

Firstly, it is heartening to see how smart, engaged and open-minded our young people are. Their extensive and thoughtful feedback shows that they are really interested in the issues that affect Hong Kong and keen to learn what the business community can do to solve them.

Also, the feedback provides insight to us at the Chamber about the value of our student programmes. Today’s high school students are tomorrow’s workers, innovators and entrepreneurs. By giving them a better understanding of how policy is developed and how business operates, they can see more clearly the different areas where they can play a role in developing a prosperous and sustainable future for all.

Posted on 2018/12/06