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Time to Be Bold and Innovative
For a long time now, the Chamber has been beating the drum on the need for a two-tiered profits tax to sharpen Hong Kong’s competitiveness. That is why we are grateful to see that the Government...
Visa Process Shouldn’t Deter Visitors
For business travellers planning overseas trips, getting a visa can often be the worst part of the trip. In Hong Kong, we are lucky that 158 countries grant HKSAR passport holders visa free access, yet...
Unique Opportunities to Help Members Grow New Business
Recent economic data suggests that for many countries, their economies have finally turned the corner and are on the path -- albeit a rocky one -- to recovery. Hong Kong’s economic growth has performed...
Become an Important Part of Free Ride Day
I am happy to tell you that HKGCC will once again be holding Free Ride Day on 29 November, when everyone in Hong Kong will be able to ride on trams and two cross-harbour Star Ferry routes free of charge...
Learning Through Business-School Partnerships
Every year in mid-July, Form Six students receive their DSE exam results, after which they will take new paths in their lives. Some may want to go on to further their studies, while others may choose to...
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